Month 4 is in books already for the year 2017.It was pretty Busy, Hectic Month.Taxes needed to filed ,this is the first time i think i filed taxes in April and almost on the last day of the deadline.Hopefully Next year i will file it early.I am happy i  am getting good refund,for this year need to adjust to maximize the deductions.

Due to loyal3 closing down i sold Some of my positions like KSS,YUMC,YUM,AXP and Moving remaining positions into my scottrade account.

This month 11 Companies and Fundrise paid me dividend a total of $194.64

Date   Company Dividend
4/3/2017 TIS 0.7
4/3/2017 KO 7.94
4/3/2017 WMT 8.43
4/5/2017 BCS 10.01
4/7/2017 AGNC 2.73
4/14/2017 STWD 53.28
4/17/2017 O 5.28
4/17/2017 CXW 21.42
4/25/2017 DG 2.6
4/26/2017 CSCO 14.79
27-Apr BNS 28.02


Just for comparison my last 3 years dividends.Compared to last my dividend increased by 47%.
So how did you guys do April.


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