June Dividend Income

Another month in books and it marks the end of second quarter.This Pie chart refers to monthly Dividend Income. June is my second Highest month so far after March,I had one additional company pay me in march which is semi yearly.2017ye

The total Dividend Income received for the month  of June is $446.In the state of  Texas ,its almost 61 hours of pay.Instead of  me or my spouse working ,my money is working for us.This $446 will definitely cover the grocery Bill for the us and maybe some other small utility. This is the second month in 2017 where i crossed $400 in dividend payments.

Compared to last June it went from 326 to 446,some of it is due to dividend increases and other is due to new capital invested in the market.


So how did you guys do this month,the numbers should be nice,as the months of March,June,September and December are some of the biggest payment months.



17 thoughts on “June Dividend Income

  1. Great job. 400 is quite the feat! Nice year over year increase as well. I did well but not much of a gain over March. Will post my update tonight or tomarrow


  2. Excellent, it’s great to see the dividend income increase every year, that is awesome! Well done


  3. Groceries and more, that’s for sure. That’s a nice passive income earned, as you stated, not by you. 61 hours of TX pay that your money worked for not you. Keep up the good work and that year over year progress will continue.


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