Buy -T and Dividend Hike -VFC


With the share price of T down i added 12 more shares to my robinhood Account over 2 different days.With this the total number of shares i own for ATT is 69,trying to push it to to 100.

10/25/17 7 shares of T at 33.69 = 235.83

10/24/17 5 Shares of T at 35.05= 175 .25

This will add another $24 to my annual fund.

VFC has announced a dividend Hike of 10% ,since i own 52 shares this add another 8.32  to my annual fund, This is like investing  140 dollars in T.

So overall 32 dollars are added my annual Dividends.


6 thoughts on “Buy -T and Dividend Hike -VFC

  1. T is becoming too damn tempting at these prices. Nice pickup and add to your portfolio. Glad to see VFC delivered a strong increase to its shareholders! Congrats on all the great activity.

    Take care,



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