These are final Buys and Sells for this Year.I have Held TWTR since they went IPO,should have sold for profit when it was 70/share ,got greedy and didnt sell them.I Think i will add them after 30 days to my account.I had some nice gains and to compensate for it i sold them for a loss of $1500 over 4 years.
Bought 1 share of T at 39.1 and 2 shares of STWD  at 21.4.

3 thoughts on “Final Sell -TWTR, FINAL BUYS -STWD,T

  1. I did not buy Twitter. I never understood their business model. It did offer an opportunity for short-term gains. I still don’t understand where their revenues come from or it’s sustainability. I do hold T 🙂


  2. @desidividend – twitter is a very interesting stock. I considered buying in the mid teens a few times. Even though it is an integral part of the culture, their revenue model is a bit suspect. That said – it could very well end up above $50 sometime in the next few months.


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