February Dividend Report

Month 2 is in books and this was a busy month for me.I finally closed my first house and became a home owner and got Mortgage. 13 Companies paid me dividend this month to me. Total Dividends received this month are $249.27.
Compared to 2017 Feb it increased by 21%.
fe some of the increase in dividends is from companies raising dividends.

Here are the 13 companies that paid dividends to me.

How did you guys do this month.

13 thoughts on “February Dividend Report

  1. Desi, Congrats on a big month. Nice dividend income along with closing on a house!! Not to mention $63 alone coming from Apple! WHAT!?! Great work!

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  2. Looking good, desidividend! Your YoY growth for each of the past 2 years is what it’s all about. I agree with MH, Wow on that AAPL dividend! We share 5 dividend-paying companies from this month.
    Congrats on closing on the house…. exciting times ahead.

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  3. Keep doing what you’re doing. You are making solid year over year progress for several years. Clearly on the right track. Nice to see a handful of common names paying us for the month. Keep up the good work.

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