March 401K Purchases

I have made following Purchases in with my last 1 paystub. I have increased my contribution percentage,so that i can max out Quickly.

VFIAX: 1.122 Shares at $249.89 will add close to 4.9 dollars in dividend

PABGX: .9129 share @102.69 will add close to 2.3 dollars in dividend.

VIMAX: 0.4887 Share @ 191.82 will add around 1.2 dollars in dividends.

VSIAX: 3.36 shares @ 55.76 will add another $ 3.4 in dividends.

VTMGX: 19.8 shares @14.18 will add another $7.6 in dividends.

A total of $937 invested in 401k and it will result in $20 dividends to Annual Fund.

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