May Buys -AT&T(T)&GILD

Market being so volatile presented so many buying opportunities.I have decided to average down on AT&T stock,and so I bought 18 shares of ATT @32.80 for a total for $590. with i will have 102 shares of T in my account.
This will add another $36 to my annual fund.

Another average down i did was on Gild,bought 2 shares of GILD at 67.13

This will add another $4.56 to my annual Fund.

KMB,PG are on my list of Stocks .
PG I already own some shares at higher price ,maybe time to average them down.
KMB has been on my radar for long time,looking for entry position into it.

7 thoughts on “May Buys -AT&T(T)&GILD

  1. Nice buys, own both companies myself. There are a lot of options out there right and T ranks among the top choices for me. With GILD I’m more in ‘holding territory’ right now after the recent earnings.
    Nice buys never the less!



  2. I really like the addition of T here. I have been thinking about adding to my position as well. I am not knowledgeable about GILD but I am sure it is a good addition as well. Thanks for sharing.


  3. I bought PEP last month myself. It’s such a nice company to own. Their dividend growth rates and payout ratio look very promising. I like how you’re focusing on the job!

    Good luck with investing.


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