This month of June is becoming a busy month for me with new funds investing and  quite a bit of Buy activity.With SBUX dropping more than 10% ,i bought  23 shares of SBUX  to reduce average cost of the share.It was not big position in my account .Earlier i had 26 shares of SBUX at average price of $57.22 .

23 shares at $51.2 for a total of 1179. SBUX recently increased their dividend from 0.30 to 0.36  for an increase of 20%. With the New purchase i will add another $33.12 to my Annual Fund.

I have noticed one other dividend investor loading up on SBUX.



6 thoughts on “BUY -SBUX

  1. Desi,

    Nice pickup and thanks for the mention. Great minds think alike! A few dollars shouldn’t make a big difference in the long run as long as we are buying solid companies. I think SBUX will be around for a LONG time. It’s great to lower you cost basis.


  2. Nice pick up with SBUX. I think that sell off was way overdone and SBUX still seems like a stock with a long runway in front of it in terms of international growth. Thanks for sharing.


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