2020 April Dividend Report

Month 4 is in books and this is the second month of the lock down of covid19 . Market  fluctuations  are drastic ,some of my portfolio losses from March lows have recovered.
My net worth is still 7.5% down from Jan1st totals. Compared to last Month Totals it went up by 12%.
This month i received $440.74 in dividends . Here are the companies that paid dividends to me this month.


I was busy this month adding some of the value stocks  and averaging down on others.

Last 6 years of dividend charts shows the gradual improvements in my monthly dividend income received.


Compared to last year my dividends increased by 29%.


Dividend Cuts:
Following the companies that announced the dividend cuts impacting my account.All of them really small position except RDS.B
2020 Dividend Goal: To receive 11K in dividends .
So Far i have received 22% of the Goal amount with 8 more months to go.
So how did Everyone do in their April Month so far . Stay Safe.


5 thoughts on “2020 April Dividend Report

  1. Nice job in April! CVX is interesting. Covid-19 has definitely disrupted the corrections category. Releasing prisoners. Shut down of courts. Crime rates way down for last month. Would love to get the dividend….but uncomfortable with where the stock might go if occupancy rates fall and PPE is required for prisoners and guards to control he spread. Thoughts?
    I have not paid enough attention to dividends in the past. Enjoy seeing your progress and build up of monthly dividends over time.


  2. Progress is looking good. Looks like you added $100 to this month’s income compared to last year, with STWD leading the charge. Nice work.


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