Expired Options -SPCE

Since i bought shares of SPCE at $38,i have been writing covered calls for the stock to recover some losses. So far  I have written 3 covered calls and all have expired.

SPCE $58 CALL SELL 2/28 this  netted me $340 as the option expired.
SPCE $43 CALL SELL 4/17 this netted me another $15.
SPCE$35 CALL SELL  5/8 this added  another $43 in premium .
All these calls helped me recover $398  and exactly another $1400 to recover either via stock price or options.
I will keep writing these covered  calls as long as they make sense.
These trades helped me understand options little better and i am looking at writing covered calls for some other positions in my account.
Stay Safe

One thought on “Expired Options -SPCE

  1. Like you comments on keeping track of the profitability on SPCE position after writing three call strikes. I found this to be a challenge across three accounts and 10 positions in the accounts. I build a worksheet that allows me to quickly update and track how earn of the positions and accounts are doing. If you are interested send me your email and I will send you a copy of the worksheet. It isn’t commercial….just something I use and find helpful. It has been evolving for the past month….and I am sure it will continue to evolve and get easier to use.


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