September 2020 Dividends

 Q3 Completed  and I have received over $1300 in dividends from Multiple companies  .

Again New record for September even with  dividend cuts in WFC .

Biggest Payers  are DFS,LMT,GILD from stocks and VMCPX from Funds.

Compared to 2019 September  my dividends went up by 14% which is lot better than decrease.
Looking back its good to see the growth in the dividends reaching 4 digits in 2019 and
continuing 2020.

2020 Goal: 
I had a goal 11K in dividends for this year, so far i collected 58% of the Goal .It will be difficult unless i add some huge amount of new funds .Lets see where i will end.

5 thoughts on “September 2020 Dividends

  1. Hey Desidividend, with the 11K annual dividend as a goal, would you be able to comment on roughly how much is the investment you have made to target that kind of return. Just look for a ballpark. Thanks a lot!


  2. Hey Desidividend – what is the amount of investment (rough/ballpark) you think is required to target around 11K worth of dividends per year (I know a lot depends on the kind of companies you pick, but lets say going with your stock picks). Thank you!


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