March Dividend Income

Its almost 5 days after the month end. Time to report the dividends received in march .I received dividends from 35 companies.Since this year i started reporting combined dividends from retirement accounts also.

There was some buys happened in this month Also.

Here are the following Companies that paid dividend to me.

Total Dividend Received for this Month are $1066.65
VTR Which paid me in 2017 March now pushed to April.

so how did you guys do this month.
We should see some big numbers this month from everyone in DGI Community.


February Dividend Report

Month 2 is in books and this was a busy month for me.I finally closed my first house and became a home owner and got Mortgage. 13 Companies paid me dividend this month to me. Total Dividends received this month are $249.27.
Compared to 2017 Feb it increased by 21%.
fe some of the increase in dividends is from companies raising dividends.

Here are the 13 companies that paid dividends to me.

How did you guys do this month.

December Dividend Report

2017 is  in Books and Final Income is in books. 23 Companies paid me in December .

This is a new record for December for last 3 years. Total Dividends received in December is 477.18. Here is the list of companies that paid me  this Month.

 Date Stock $
 1-Dec WFC 29.65
 10-Dec TGT 35.34
 15-Dec FLO 24.31
 18-Dec VFC 23.92
 28-Dec GILD 16.64
 1-Dec KO 1.26
 8-Dec AGNC 5.02
 8-Dec AMGN 28.95
 12-Dec JNJ 55.21
 13-Dec UL 42.48
 15-Dec HSY 19.94
 20-Dec RDS 48.05
 2-Dec SBUX 7.8
 8-Dec ADM 6.08
 23-Dec nov 2.1
 28-Dec UNP 31.92
 28-Dec TROW 29.07
 15-Dec O 5.3
 29-Dec KO 8.14
 14-Dec MSFT 6.72
 11-Dec CVX 27
 5-Dec SO 17.4
 5-Dec V 4.88

This 10% increase compare to last December.

So How Did everyone do this Month.

November Dividend Report

Month 11  is in books and the time to report dividends.This month CVS started paying me dividend.This month 11 companies paid me $200.21 in dividends.

Date   Company Dividend
11/1/2017 T 27.93
11/15/2017 PG 17.24
11/15/2017 O 5.3
11/16/2017 AAPL 63
11/1/2017 DE 15.12
11/9/2017 AGNC 4.98
11/15/2017 NNN 2.85
11/15/2017 HRL 7.82
11/20/2017 CAT 39.45
11/1/2017 VZ 15.02
3-Nov CVS 1.5

Compared to 2016 November ,it is an increase of 68%.November
So how did you guys do this month.


October Dividend Report

Month 10 is in books and its that time of the month to report the  dividends for the last Month.

Total Dividends received for this month are $144.4 not including the fundrise dividend payout of 41 dollars.If its included the total jumps to $185.

Compared to 2016 it increased by close to 9%.


So how did you guys do this month.



September Dividend Report

One more month in book and just 3 more  left to round up the year 2017.

This Month income is my all time record for Single Month in my 2.5 years of Dividend Journey.

With this months income included i crossed  my 2016 Whole year dividend Income.

A total of 28 companies paid dividend This month to me.

Total received for this Month is $657.14

Total Dividends received in 2017 So far are $2766.12 with this i cross 2016 totals.

GWW paid me for  the first time this month.

9/1/2017 GWW $115.20
9/1/2017 KR $1.25
9/1/2017 WFC $29.65
9/5/2017 WMT $8.67
9/5/2017 V $4.13
9/6/2017 SO $17.40
9/6/2017 UL $41.70
9/7/2017 adm $6.08
9/8/2017 AGNC $4.89
9/8/2017 AMGN $28.95
9/10/2017 TGT $15.50
9/11/2017 TGT $18.60
9/11/2017 CVX $27
9/12/2017 JNJ $55.21
9/14/2017 MSFT $6.24
9/15/2017 O $5.29
9/15/2017 HSY $19.94
9/15/2017 FLO $24.14
9/18/2017 RDSB $47.00
9/18/2017 RDSA $1.03
9/18/2017 BCS $5.30
9/18/2017 VFC $21.84
9/27/2017 BBL 55.9
9/28/2017 TROW $29.07
9/28/2017 GILD $16.64
9/29/2017 VTR $19.38
9/29/2017 UNP $29.04
9/29/2017 NOV 2.1


This is 55% increase over my 2016 September.

15-Sep 16-Sep 17-Sep
126.76 423.83 657.14


So how did you guys do for this Month.

August Dividend Report

One more month is in book and we almost coming to end of the year.College football season just started and my College (SMU) will start their season today.

For this Month 11 companies paid me for a total of $202 ,this a new high for the Month of August .Compared to 2016 this a 15% increase in the August Dividend income.
Big contributor for this month income is AAPL.

Year over comparison for the last 3 years.

How did you guys do this Month.

July Dividend Income

Month 7 is in books and Time to report the July Dividend Income.

This month i received a total of $214,an increase of 57% compared to my last July.

Below is the progress for last 3 years.


$ 214 may cover 10% of my living expenses and currently if someone earning minimum wage they need to work 29 hours to earn it .

This month i initiated  new position in Kroger .\

So how did you guys do this month.

June Dividend Income

Another month in books and it marks the end of second quarter.This Pie chart refers to monthly Dividend Income. June is my second Highest month so far after March,I had one additional company pay me in march which is semi yearly.2017ye

The total Dividend Income received for the month  of June is $446.In the state of  Texas ,its almost 61 hours of pay.Instead of  me or my spouse working ,my money is working for us.This $446 will definitely cover the grocery Bill for the us and maybe some other small utility. This is the second month in 2017 where i crossed $400 in dividend payments.

Compared to last June it went from 326 to 446,some of it is due to dividend increases and other is due to new capital invested in the market.


So how did you guys do this month,the numbers should be nice,as the months of March,June,September and December are some of the biggest payment months.