These are final Buys and Sells for this Year.I have Held TWTR since they went IPO,should have sold for profit when it was 70/share ,got greedy and didnt sell them.I Think i will add them after 30 days to my account.I had some nice gains and to compensate for it i sold them for a loss of $1500 over 4 years.
Bought 1 share of T at 39.1 and 2 shares of STWD  at 21.4.


Recent SELL

I have decided to sell my Position in GWW. Today this looks like Bad decision ,but i sold it yesterday @179.9.This was my biggest position  of 90 shares .

Reasons to sell was my house is getting closer to completion and i would need the money and the results for Q2 will be announced on 10/17.Decided to get out when i was in some profit.So overall i made close to 350 for 5 months .This will remove $500 from my annual dividend Fund.

I am removing the cash from broker and will go to my Account.

This sell is joining my infamous sells like NVDA,SCSS,ERIC.Where there is alteast 3% gain after i sell.


Recent Sell

Today i sold out my position in NVDA,which was initiated last month. From the time i brought it was not a stock that i was going to hold it for long time.I was hoping to hold till my Down-payment for the house.But i was not comfortable with volatility on the stock.

There were no Fees as i had 10 free trades from my broker.Total Profit was $141.37

Now i will keep it in watch list to see if there a price i would like to get back in.


Recent sell-Eric

On 5/2 i eliminated my position in Ericsson completely mainly there was dividend reduction by close to 73% and there has been not much growth in the stock for the last few years and it actually went down.Then it was yearly dividend payout and Tax deductions .

So i sold out 500 shares at 6.61 .This New Funds will either be deployed or Move to house Downpayment Fund.