Recent purchases csco,BTG

I have 2 free trades expiring in my Scottrade account and had some funds from dividends.

So I purchased 5 shares of CSCO at 30.68 this will add another $5.8 to my fund.

Bought 6 shares of BTG at $2.51 to average down. My price.


Q2 Final Buys

As the title says these are the final buys for Q2.Some Drip Purchases and 401k Buys.

401K Buys

VFIAX: 1.05 Shares at $222.63

PABGX: 0.91 share @85.12

VIMAX: 0.44 Shares @ 175.29

VSIAX:  2.98 shares @ 52.35

VTMGX: 17.7 shares @13.18


Regular Account: Both these stocks are bought to average their price a bit down.

NVDA Bought 1 Shares of NVDA at $141.235


BTG Bought 10 Shares of BTG at $2.775

so what are you guys Buying .