Recent SELL

I have decided to sell my Position in GWW. Today this looks like Bad decision ,but i sold it yesterday @179.9.This was my biggest position  of 90 shares .

Reasons to sell was my house is getting closer to completion and i would need the money and the results for Q2 will be announced on 10/17.Decided to get out when i was in some profit.So overall i made close to 350 for 5 months .This will remove $500 from my annual dividend Fund.

I am removing the cash from broker and will go to my Account.

This sell is joining my infamous sells like NVDA,SCSS,ERIC.Where there is alteast 3% gain after i sell.


Recent Buy -GWW

After the results were announced ,GWW went down more than 7% ,i was looking to average down the shares from my high price of 185/share.With that said i added 40 shares at different prices yesterday.Maybe i should have waited little more,could have gotten better price.

  • 7/19/2017 ¬† Bought 25 GWW @ $169.914 $4,247.85
  • 7/19/2017 Bought 15 GWW @ $164.3856 $2,465.78

These are the same funds from selling the NVDA.This will add another $204 to annual dividend fund.With the new purchases my average came down to 177.