Buys —-ITM,T,MMM

During the last 3 days when market was down,i decided to average down few of my stocks.I  could have gotten better price,we cant time the market.

1 MMM at $204.84

1 ITW at 134.30

2 T  at 32.08

These all will add another $13.44 to my annual Fund.


Buy -ITW

I added 3 more shares of ITW in my account . This will Bring my total to 5 shares.

3 Shares at $135.76  for a total of 407.28. This will add $12 to my annual Fund.

This month has been slow.

Recent 401K Buys and ITW

Here are some of the Buys Happened in my Account this month . I tried to rebalance mt 401k a little bit better.




This morning I bought 2 shares of ITW at 136.61 in my robinhood account.This is a new Position for me,will be waiting to add more to it ,when new capital is available. This will add Another $8 to my account.