New Year New Buys

New year started and we resumed buying some stocks in my accounts.Currently i am going to buy in small quantities/Amounts  there are some uncertainties ,so until there is some clarity i am going to hold on to the cash.

11 shares of MO at $46.84 ,this will add another $35.2 into my account.

1 share of T at 30.80 ,will another $2 my to account.

So what’s everyone one buying .



As the last day of the year,i have some Dividend Money left over in my accounts and i ended up Buying the following shares .

12/31 3 shares of T at 28.5

12/17 1 share of  T at 30.00

12/13 1 share of T at 29.86

12/11 1 share of MO at 54.51


All these will add $15.4 to my fund.