May Dividend Report

Following  are the dividends received for the month of May 2019. Total of 13 companies paid me this month  for a total of $374.23. With T being the biggest contributor . AAPL a close second  for this month.


Compared to last year its up 55% . it has been trending for the last 5 years slowly. Hopefully it will cross 400 Mark next May.


so how did everyone do this month. Expecting Monster numbers for all Community members next month  as its quarter end.


As mentioned in the title,I bought 6 shares of NNN ,it was bought by dividend capital .No new capital was invested .They recently announced a raise of 4.4% and the ex dividend date is on July 31st.This might be the last buy for the month of July unless something pops up.

6 shares @40.23 +4.95 in commission.

This will add $11.4 in my annual fund.