Recent Buys -T,TGT,GBTC

November has been slow month in terms of buying for me.

I started dripping into T and TGT .

Bought 1 share of T at 34.33 ,this will add 1.96

Bought 1 Share of  TGT at 55.10 ,this will add 2.48

and purchased 6 shares of GBTC at 940/share.

Both these purchases will add 4.44 to my annual fund.



Q3 Final Drip Buys

Bought 2 shares of TGT on 9/29 using Dividends.
with this purchase i reduced the average price by 35 cents .
Total Number of TGT Shares in my account is 32.

This will add another $4.96 to my annual dividend Fund.


With loyal3 closing free trading,i decided to close completely one of my account and roundup shares in other account to transfer.
so here are the Buys.



I Think  i have some losses less than $100 on these sells.But didnt want to transfer ,so sold them all.With This i complete eliminated YUM ,KSS positions from my account.