August Purchases -T,pabgx

These are purchases in my retirement account and taxable account.

401K Buys

VFIAX: 1.04 Shares at $224.59 will add close to 4 dollars in dividend

PABGX: 0.887  share @88 will add close to 40 cents in dividend.

VIMAX: 0.447 Shares @ 174.72 will add around 1.2 dollars in dividends.

VSIAX:  3.05 shares @ 51.19  will add another $ 3 in dividends.

VTMGX: 17.4 shares @13.47 will add another $6.2 in  dividends.

1 share of T at 38.18 this will add another 1.96 in dividends

A total of 818 dollars was invested this  period.

Getting close to the yearly limit .
This will add another 17 dollars my annual fund.


Q2 Final Buys

As the title says these are the final buys for Q2.Some Drip Purchases and 401k Buys.

401K Buys

VFIAX: 1.05 Shares at $222.63

PABGX: 0.91 share @85.12

VIMAX: 0.44 Shares @ 175.29

VSIAX:  2.98 shares @ 52.35

VTMGX: 17.7 shares @13.18


Regular Account: Both these stocks are bought to average their price a bit down.

NVDA Bought 1 Shares of NVDA at $141.235


BTG Bought 10 Shares of BTG at $2.775

so what are you guys Buying .

Recent Buy – T,VFIAX,VSIAX

With the price reduction of T,i added a total of 5 shares using my Dividends.

5 Shares of T at a price of $38.42 for a total of 192.11. This will change my total T shares to 50. The newly added shares will add another $9.8 to my annual Dividend.

1.42 Shares of VFIAX at a price of 218.96.

0.45 Shares of VIMAX at a price of 172.37.

7.62 Shares of VSIAX at a price of 51.21.

A total of $973 is invested .What are you guys buying with the market High.

Recent Buys

I added another $625 worth of funds to my retirement account.
I initiated a position in a new Fund managed by Vanguard.

  • $250 worth of VFIAX at 220.69.
  • $312.50 Worth of  VSIAX at 52.72
  • $62.50 worth of VIMAX at  173.91.

These all purchases will add another $16 to my annual fund.