August Purchases -T,pabgx

These are purchases in my retirement account and taxable account.

401K Buys

VFIAX: 1.04 Shares at $224.59 will add close to 4 dollars in dividend

PABGX: 0.887  share @88 will add close to 40 cents in dividend.

VIMAX: 0.447 Shares @ 174.72 will add around 1.2 dollars in dividends.

VSIAX:  3.05 shares @ 51.19  will add another $ 3 in dividends.

VTMGX: 17.4 shares @13.47 will add another $6.2 in  dividends.

1 share of T at 38.18 this will add another 1.96 in dividends

A total of 818 dollars was invested this  period.

Getting close to the yearly limit .
This will add another 17 dollars my annual fund.

How to buy Bitcoin,ETH,litecoin

The heading  says it’s all.I have been meaning to try to buy Bitcoin for long time maybe 7 years or more.Never really took time the time to explore the ways to buy it until recently.

As many are aware that Bit Coin price zoomed up quite high.along with it some of smaller coins like lite coin,Ethereum. Bitcoin went up from around 900/coin to 3000 and Now its down to 2500 or so. Ethereum(ETH) went from $9/coin to 394/coin.Now there is  lot volatility in these markets.

From coindesk website you can see the charts.


Now i am not to make a big investments in these coins,but as mentioned before i want to get my hands on few of them.Lot of famous people either started accepting them or using them.

With all said i found that coin base is one of the website/app to buy the coin.All you need is to download the app and register and verfiy your id and then you are set to buy the coin.

Here is the first step in buying onlineScreenshot_20170812-084515
you can buy in almost any range and commission will be proportional for that.Screenshot_20170812-084538

I Bought some Lite coin and Ethererum coin.My current holdings in coinbase.

if anyone interested in using coinbase,leave me a message

Final July Purchases 401K

These are purchases in my retirement account .

401K Buys

VFIAX: 1.0251 Shares at $228.60 will add close to 4 dollars in dividend

PABGX: 0.8749  share @89.29 will add close to 40 cents in dividend.

VIMAX: 0.437 Shares @ 178.79 will add around 1.2 dollars in dividends.

VSIAX:  2.95 shares @ 52.89  will add another $2.3 in dividends.

VTMGX: 17.08 shares @13.72 will add another $5 in  dividends.

A total of 780 dollars was invested this  period,it will be the same next period.

Getting close to the yearly limit .



July Dividend Income

Month 7 is in books and Time to report the July Dividend Income.

This month i received a total of $214,an increase of 57% compared to my last July.

Below is the progress for last 3 years.


$ 214 may cover 10% of my living expenses and currently if someone earning minimum wage they need to work 29 hours to earn it .

This month i initiated  new position in Kroger .\

So how did you guys do this month.


As mentioned in the title,I bought 6 shares of NNN ,it was bought by dividend capital .No new capital was invested .They recently announced a raise of 4.4% and the ex dividend date is on July 31st.This might be the last buy for the month of July unless something pops up.

6 shares @40.23 +4.95 in commission.

This will add $11.4 in my annual fund.

Recent Buy -GWW

After the results were announced ,GWW went down more than 7% ,i was looking to average down the shares from my high price of 185/share.With that said i added 40 shares at different prices yesterday.Maybe i should have waited little more,could have gotten better price.

  • 7/19/2017   Bought 25 GWW @ $169.914 $4,247.85
  • 7/19/2017 Bought 15 GWW @ $164.3856 $2,465.78

These are the same funds from selling the NVDA.This will add another $204 to annual dividend fund.With the new purchases my average came down to 177.

Recent Sell

Today i sold out my position in NVDA,which was initiated last month. From the time i brought it was not a stock that i was going to hold it for long time.I was hoping to hold till my Down-payment for the house.But i was not comfortable with volatility on the stock.

There were no Fees as i had 10 free trades from my broker.Total Profit was $141.37

Now i will keep it in watch list to see if there a price i would like to get back in.


Q2 Final Buys

As the title says these are the final buys for Q2.Some Drip Purchases and 401k Buys.

401K Buys

VFIAX: 1.05 Shares at $222.63

PABGX: 0.91 share @85.12

VIMAX: 0.44 Shares @ 175.29

VSIAX:  2.98 shares @ 52.35

VTMGX: 17.7 shares @13.18


Regular Account: Both these stocks are bought to average their price a bit down.

NVDA Bought 1 Shares of NVDA at $141.235


BTG Bought 10 Shares of BTG at $2.775

so what are you guys Buying .

June Dividend Income

Another month in books and it marks the end of second quarter.This Pie chart refers to monthly Dividend Income. June is my second Highest month so far after March,I had one additional company pay me in march which is semi yearly.2017ye

The total Dividend Income received for the month  of June is $446.In the state of  Texas ,its almost 61 hours of pay.Instead of  me or my spouse working ,my money is working for us.This $446 will definitely cover the grocery Bill for the us and maybe some other small utility. This is the second month in 2017 where i crossed $400 in dividend payments.

Compared to last June it went from 326 to 446,some of it is due to dividend increases and other is due to new capital invested in the market.


So how did you guys do this month,the numbers should be nice,as the months of March,June,September and December are some of the biggest payment months.




I have 2 buy periods in my 401K plan, this is the second buys for this month.

I initiated  positions in 2 new funds PABGX and VTMGX.With that mentioned,here are buys for this period.

  • $230 worth of VFIAX.
  • $78 worth of VIMAX,PABGX.
  • $156 worth of VSIAX.
  • $234 worth of VTMGX.


In addition to these i added 3 shares of BBL to average down my share price from high 40s.

A total of 890 dollars was invested during this time period.

So what are you guys buying now.

Signed a contract to build a House

Finally  after 3 months of search we  found a builder and Plan that fit into  our liking . As the Frisco real estate market is hot and houses  which satisfy our requirements were tough to meet,for examples in this community out of the 30 or so lots available for this particular builder we found just 1 to be perfect for our criteria and 2 more workable.

This was above my upper limit ,but with builder incentives and realtor cashback we made it work.During the 3 months we visited close to 10 to 12 builders and different subdivisions,Some of them were above price range or the price/sq ft was above the market ,or not close by. We were about  to sign with the same builder,but a different subdivision and right at the moment i receive email form this property that they are opening new subdivision and would you like to visit, 5 mins later i reply with a time to visit and someone else already Booked that slot.

Even before we visited we prepared looking at the plot online, model to save time,we were so ready to sign the house without any price negotiation .

There were some hiccups like lot premium that was not on website .

After signing the house we went through design experience which will be another post.


Frugal Living -Instacart Review

Name may sound  that i am not doing frugal living  by trying out expensive services,but after you read this you can see the  deal . Also  i love to try all new services like this ,when we were in California,i tried Amazon Prime Now,Grub hub,Hello fresh and Winc Wines.Most of the times, there is really good discount for trying out the first time.

As many of you are aware that T-Mobile is doing T-mobile Tuesday freebies.Some of the freebies are really nice like $2 movie tickets, 0.25 cents of gas/gallon etc.This week they were offering $10 off groupon local and i started searching how to use it on groupon and then i Found this deal which was offering 40 dollars worth of groceries for $15 Bucks.

Even better was is there is no service delivery fees  for 1 year,it  seems they might recently entered the Market or so. Currently few stores are in my market like Kroger,tomthumb or Costco.

We decided to try from Costco as we don’t have Costco membership.There is definitely mark up on the prices by instacart.Ordering was easy and time slots /availability was good.

Overall I think we got 50% or more discount on the price.I don’t think I will order again with service.It might work people who don’t like to shop or have time to shop.

So what other services did the DGI community try out.

May Dividend Report.

One more month flew away,May is in books.

This month I was there quite a bit activity in my accounts,involved some selling of positions and consolidating accounts. Initiated new position in GWW. Total Dividends for this Month are $195.61.Compared to 2016 May this is 17% more than last year.10 Companies Paid dividend this month.

Date   Company Dividend
22-May CAT      38.94
15-May HRL    7.82
8-May AGNC    4.73
1-May DE        15.12
1-May T           22.54
15-May PG       17.24
15-May O          5.28
18-May AAPL   63
1-May VZ          14.44
26-May SBUX    6.5



So how did you guys do last Month.

Loyal3 stock transfer

With loyal3 moving to premium model,I decided to  move bigger positions to my main trading account and close minor positions.

With that being said I started the process on may 5th and finally showed up in my account on may 19th ,it took close to 14 days.

Its missing the price paid so far.Need to follow up with Loyal3/Scottrade to resolve the issue.

Following are the shares transfered.

22 shares of KO.

22 Shares of DIS.

16 shares of MSFT.

17 Shares of WMT.

This should reduce the number of accounts to monitor by 2.

So where are you guys moving from loyal3.


Recent Buy – T,VFIAX,VSIAX

With the price reduction of T,i added a total of 5 shares using my Dividends.

5 Shares of T at a price of $38.42 for a total of 192.11. This will change my total T shares to 50. The newly added shares will add another $9.8 to my annual Dividend.

1.42 Shares of VFIAX at a price of 218.96.

0.45 Shares of VIMAX at a price of 172.37.

7.62 Shares of VSIAX at a price of 51.21.

A total of $973 is invested .What are you guys buying with the market High.